IpaziaFruitBowl 2020, at Edit Napoli

The Ipaziaseries, of which the fruitbowlis the first objectproduced, wasborn from a realobsessedthink: the sky. All the questions and all the answers are in the sky, whetherwewant to interrogate science, religion, philosophy or myth.

IpaziaFruitBowl 2020, in mostra.


16-18 october 2020, Edit Napoli

Complesso Si San Domenico Maggiore.

Vico San Domenico Maggiore 18, Napoli

10:00am –7:00pm free entry


More information www.editnapoli.com


EDIT Napoli is an innovative design fair created to support, promote and celebrate a new generation of designers.

Itfocuses on the rise of the designer-maker whoisat the forefront of a movementthatischallenging the traditionalchain of production and distribution.