Selection, design, implementation and support.

Consultation on the selection and use of natural stone.

We carefully select marble, granite, travertine, onyx and slate from different quarries and different nations and guide our customers to the best use in relation to their projects.

Developing CAD projects, Rendering realizations of indoor and outdoor environments.

We offer a 3D realistic simulation of how materials are applied to projects, a necessary and complete service that provides a previewing of the execution and the sharing of possible modifications.

Construction assistance and assistance in the installation.

Our organizational process includes the presence on site of our engineers to ensure the best application of commissioned materials to the customer.
The specific skills of management and experience are a guarantee in order to maximize the yield of the project and ensure the responsible control during the operational phase.

Trial and testing of the work executed.

The Designer and Customer supervise the work done and ensure the quality of the workmanship and fidelity to the original project, a further guarantee in the quality of the final product for the customer.