Contamination of the Mediterranean and the cult of beauty.

The material of which our work is made is part of the history of our land.

The place of influence, the Mediterranean has always been the cradle of a culture of beauty and elegance.

Marble, travertine, granite and other stones, are a natural element of our experience, from Ancient Greece to the splendors of ancient Rome, the material has been bent and enhanced to create value and give solidity, over time, to spaces, in the name of the ancient rules, but always current, such as those described by the ancient Romans: Robustness, Utility and Beauty.

Our region has a long history in the selection and processing of these materials.

Cianciullo Marmi interprets this vocation for more than a century.

"All these [public and private buildings] must meet the criteria of sturdiness, utility and beauty.
The sturdiness is assured by digging the foundations until they rest on solid ground and choosing the materials judiciously and without stinginess; the utility is achieved by a judicious arrangement of space and without impediments to their use (so that their purpose is duly served) and when each construction has its appropriate setting (within the urban fabric); beauty is produced by a pleasant and elegant appearance of the whole work, and when the size of the component parts are properly proportionate to each other."

Vitruvio in De Architectura I.III 2 dictates the three rules stability, utility and elegance.