Knowledge, continuous innovation and flexibility.

Innovate with flexibility and with increasing attention to the selection of products. Offer a qualified project consulting. This is the way we work.

The assistance and support provided at each stage and for each project meets our vision of the work, which sees us occupied in different countries (USA, Spain, UK, Russia, etc.) and for the various sectors served (construction, interior design, public works, design) to assist clients in a timely manner.
Through this approach, we are able to express a complete and qualified competence, ensuring architects and designers full creative autonomy in the realization of their works.

The construction sector intended as the realization of works on design is one that most give the opportunity to fully exploit the productive capacity of the company and its experience on the workmanship and installation of materials.

In addition, therefore, to the processing and sale of domestic and foreign marble, travertine and granite, production also includes thin tiles in various sizes and facades, internal and external tiling, flooring, stairs, inlays, street furnishings and attention to research for new forms of use in the combination of materials, even by supporting young designers' projects.

Cianciullo Marmi:
a company in continuous evolution.