The Ancient Magic of Natural Stone

Cianciullo Marmi, magic takes shape…
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Cianciullo Marmi, proud to be italians

Did you know? Italy is number four in the world’s marble Big Players list. It has been exposed by Marmo News’s article, published on 10 May 2017


Our company is proud to be included in the statistics, with more than a century of experience and three generations of enthusiast experts and entrepreneurs.

Let yourself be guided towards Magic…

Not just Marble: for years, our artisans created unique products by using lots of materials – more or less precious, such as Granite, Onyx, Quartz and more… This time, we’d love to bring you all – with our Brushed Jerusalem Stone – in the magic Amalfitan Coast landscape.

Discover a big surprise, just for you!

An exclusive preview: we’ll bring out all the working process steps, telling about a recent work for one of our best italian customers – and we’ll show you the way to make unique your home environment, letting youself be enveloped by the eternal charm of natural stone furniture and cladding.

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