Short Interview  with Valeria Prete

Valeria Prete, president of the group Textile Design System House of Confindustria Salerno; entrepreneur is creative, enterprising and visionary.

His company TEKLA is the synthesis of a thirty-year experience industry group that develops thanks to continuous innovative drive and constant research in technology.
1 – What means do “” system today?
Making system means engage, excite and drag.
2 System House is a form of aggregation of companies of Textiles & Design Group of Confindustria Salerno. What are the objectives of Casa System?
The primary objective of this year is knowledge. Share and disseminate greater knowledge through forms of cooperation for the exchange of experiences, information and research-oriented mutual updating. Through this integration, the working group also intends to get to know more about the local, national and international market.
3. What should motivate System House for aggregation SMEs
Our task is to stimulate and support the entrepreneur to knowledge and action. We want to bring SMEs on this vision. We think that if we stay focused on ourselves, we will remain focused on the small; but if each of us makes available a part of our small commune with colleagues we could do things large.
4. What was your first action as President and what’s next?
The first intervention was geared to the involvement of all members of the group. We organized the First Factory Design Contest Young which involved not only the companies belonging to Confindustria Salerno but also many young architects in the design world, the universities, and well-known architectural firms.
The next action will be a presentation of projects of this Contest at Fuori Salone in Milan, Tortona area, the 4th April.
5. he is at the gates of the next exhibition in Milan, believes that the strategy is still fair for the world of design?
I think it’s one of the best showcases for the international market Habitat & Design. A moment of great prestige for Italian Design which exhibits; It will be a week full of creativity and internationality.
Milan will be for a week, the World Design Capital.
We will be present with 10 companies and 15 young professionals who have collaborated once by the system.
6. From his observatory how he sees the future of design.
Hard question. The design world is full of charm, creativity, projected towards the originality and uniqueness of products and images which surround our eyes in the near future.
7. Valeria Prete in addition to being an example as President is businesswoman visionary and pragmatic. Tell us in a few words your company and what expectations was in the B2B?
My company Tekla, deals with everything related to the openings of a home in both the residential and the tertiary sector. Participate in B2B with the interests of developing new relationships in emerging markets. The quality of buyers present us hope.

We thank Valeria Prete for bringing a quality contribution with his enlightened thought in this column.