After France, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Austria, Moldova and Montenegro, Cianciullo Marmi “lands” in the regions of Samara, Russia, with an important logistics-business partnership in the interior design sector and in light and heavy construction sector.
Some images of the city will be Samara, the venue that will host the partnership and CEO Francesco Cardone

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Slovenia calls Made in Italy: Cianciullo responds.

The meeting in Ljubljana has opened new horizons for the future.
Marino Firman, the Project Manager for Cianciullo, has joined PetraZakrajšek, SaraHočevar and Tjaša to form a working group for the study of furnishing solutions suited to a market increasingly attentive to detail.
The purpose is to offer housing solutions with a modern twist where classic tradition is the new value.
Mediterranean culture is creatively combined with that of Central Europe to meet the need for a new European interpretation of living.
Ljubljana meets Salerno. Slovenia calls #MadeInItaly. “Designing-Stone” is the result of European influence
A mixture combining the modern with the traditional.


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